Faces of Eve began with a Styrofoam head covered in cheese cloth. But when the shadows covered it, it looked like a woman, a real woman, with a history and a story. So I decided to make more. Each head, when shot with different light and under different shadows, looked like a completely different woman: some thoughtful, some intelligent, some questioning. More and more, I tried to move away from something robotic towards something more human.

Eventually, Faces of Eve became an ongoing series because I liked the idea of starting off with a female head, and then having no idea what I would end up with. In the end, I felt like I was creating something close to a human cyborg: a sculptured piece with a soul.

This series was a 2018 honorable mention in the Moscow Foto Awards.
The series was also in the Sep/Oct 2018 issue of Shadows & Light Magazine.